The Untold Story of Queens

Astoria and Long Island City are in the midst of an economic boom, but there are still many children growing up in generational poverty right in our backyard.  Zone 126 is a non-profit organization that is driving community transformation for children and families in these concentrated pockets of poverty.  

Antfood joined forces with Laura Alejo and Marcus Landsdell to spread the word about the great work Zone 126 is doing. We created a fun, urban track and Foley sound design to help tell this untold story of Queens. For more information, visit the Zone 126 website.

360 Degree Sound in Shanghai


To help launch Under Armour into the Chinese retail market, Antfood created an immersive, 3-D sonic experience in Shanghai. Working with HUSH, we composed 16 discrete channels of audio, spread throughout the installation, creating a visceral glimpse into the lives of Under Armour athletes including Michael Phelps.

We built a custom 10.1 surround system to create targeted and immersive sound for the “sensory decompression chamber,” created with a tunnel of bright LED walls and high intensity imagery. 

Antfood Gets in “Shape”


If, for one day, you had the power to make your world work better, what would you change? "Shape" is part of an initiative to get young people thinking about how the world is made around them, and where design fits in. The film and website were commissioned by Pivot Dublin and Dublin City Council to promote wider acceptance and use of design as a tool for positive change.

Antfood collaborated with the amazing Johnny Kelly to tightly accompany the narrative and motion. We composed for strings, winds and brass, threw in our studio staples of pianos, guitars, analog synths, percussion and topped it off with foley-ed sound design. We hope that our care and attention to the music and sound design reflects and enhances the overall concept of design improving our day-to-day lives.

Welcome Charlie G!

We are happy to introduce Charlie Geyer as an Associate Producer and a new member of the Brooklyn team. A Cape Cod local, Charlie G. moved to New York for an MA in Music Business at NYU and to pursue his dream of becoming one of two people named Charlie to work at Antfood. 


Antfood at the Oscars


Antfood is honored to have teamed up with Buck and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to score “Animated Heroes,” a short film showcasing Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Shrek and other iconic characters over the past 75 years of animation.

We composed the music and had it recorded by the Academy’s orchestra at the legendary Capitol Studios. We then put on our final production touches at Antfood in Brooklyn, before sending it back to Hollywood for the show.

The piece aired during the Oscars on Sunday, March 2nd, and it was introduced by our real life hero Jim Carrey. Not too shabby…

New Studio in Brooklyn

Our new studio space in Williamsburg has transformed from a sketch on a piece of paper into a real working space, thanks to the hard work of our friends at Crossley Acoustics and the Captain Ivan James. 

Live Room

Studio A

Antfood Wins Best-In-Show at AMP Awards

Antfood's Creative Week Awards

Good Books “Metamorphosis” took home several awards during Creative Week, including Best-In-Show and Best Use of Music/Sound for Web or Interactive Branding at the inaugural AMP Awards, as well as a Silver Pencil at the One Show for Best Interactive Sound Design. The work has also been honored at the London International Awards and Playgrounds Fest, and has been shortlisted at next month’s AICP Awards. For a fun, behind-the-scenes look into how we created the sounds for “Metamorphosis,” check out the video below:

Preparing The Marimba

We recently acquired a beautiful, hand-crafted marimba built by Gordon Young. We have been practicing the Stevens Technique, as well as coaxing non-traditional sounds out of the instrument.

Listen to this compositional study that showcases different ways of preparing the marimba with household objects and processing the sounds digitally.

Dave Smith Instruments

The folks at Antfood readily admit to having an obsession with synthesizers. Some of our synthesizers are new, some are vintage, some are homemade, and some haven’t worked since the late nineties.

Dave Smith Instruments makes some of our favorite new synths on the market. The Prophet 08 and the Poly-Evolver are two of the most powerful analog poly-synths ever made and we think the Tempest is the greatest drum machine since the 808 and the MPC3000. In fact, the Tempest combines features of both these iconic instruments and adds a whole host of additional features! We used the Poly-evolver to make lush, complex pads and rich bass tones in our recent tracks for Morgan Stanley and UNDP, and we used the Tempest to customize new sounds for an interactive installation for Nike that was featured at the track & field Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon.image

As you can tell, we are excited about the synths that Dave Smith is producing, which is why we are thrilled to announce that Antfood is now officially a Dave Smith Instruments sponsored artist! Keep an eye out for new tracks that feature one or more of Dave Smith’s amazing analog synthesizers.

Tubes, Solder & Brass: Drip’s EMI Redd47

We just finished a dual-channel remake of the famous all-tube Redd 47 pre-amplifier. Today, this pre is largely remembered as the input stage of Abbey Road’s EMI console used by George Martin and the Beatles. It sound rich, full and clear with a classic analog edge as the amplifier is pushed hard. Now we just need to find someone who sounds like John!

The board was designed by Gregory at Drip Electronics, the beautiful brass faceplate was made in the UK by Grand Master Audio, and we sourced some old RCA knobs from the legendary Mark Russell of South 11th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.